Are You Having A Technology Emergency?

K12 Network Technician


Buckeye IT






Associate's Degree


IT Team


Not Specified

Work city:

Bucyrus, Tiffin


12 months to long-term

Buckeye IT Services, LLC.



Title:                               K12 Computer Technician Specialist

Reports To:                   Director of Instructional Technology and Network Specialist

Employment Status:  P/T At-will, contract 12 months, possible F/T long-term


  1. High School Diploma or equivalent, degree preferred
  2. Valid Driver License and reliable transportation
  3. CompTIA A+ (Network+ is preferred)
  4. Good health, high moral character, and good attendance record
  5. Great personality and the ability to interact in friendly manner with variety of staff members, students and other personnel
  6. Ability to maintain maintenance records on all hardware and publish reports as requested
  7. Ability to work independently or with a group of people
  8. Ability to evaluate and make repairs and/or recommendations on hardware and/or software related needs on Windows and MAC computer system
  9. Experience with related hardware both in setup and maintenance
  10. Experience using Internet resources for updates, patches, and fixes
  11. Experience repairing computers, printers, and other related computer devices as necessary
  12. Experience troubleshooting network problems as related to hardware, cable, and software
  13. Experience in TCP/IP, AppleTalk and related protocols
  14. Experience in using diagnostic equipment in preventative and corrective maintenance of network equipment

General Description:

Serve as technical assistant to the assigned district IT manager/director, repair and maintenance duties for assigned districts.  Will be required to deal with confidential staff and student records. Make repairs with overall knowledge of hardware and software.  Possess the ability to operate in various environments and conditions as well as the ability to work independently.  Demonstrate the ability to get along with administrators, staff, students, parents, and community members; courteous, polite, and considerate at all times.  Must be able to work flexible hours when required.

Essential Functions:

  1. Maintain respect at all times for confidential information
  2. Perform duties of Computer Technician and maintain a pleasant attitude
  3. Receive a variety of questions and requests and see that such matters are disposed of promptly, correctly, and tactfully
  4. Effectively operate various network components
  5. Prepare reports as directed by the Technology Director or Network Specialist
  6. Receive telephone calls, responds appropriately and correctly, and makes proper disposition of such
  7. Uses on-line services (Internet) to research information and obtain patch files as needed
  8. Assist callers and/or respond to e-mails/work order that have a technical problem and/or visit the person to assist that individual in need and respond to e-mails
  9. Maintain maintenance records on all hardware and publish reports as requested
  10. Make repairs of all hardware including printers
  11. Diagnose and correct network equipment when necessary
  12. Perform on-site training when necessary for users that are having difficulty using the system or performing a particular function
  13. Maintain TCP/IP, AppleTalk and related protocols and troubleshoots problems that occur

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  1. All as assigned by district supervisor, Buckeye IT supervior

Additional Working Conditions:

  1. Occasional exposure to blood, bodily fluids, and tissue
  2. May be assigned to different district to cover another employees vacation


  1. $16-$20/hr based on experience
  2. 401k match (eligible after 1 year)